Sunday 17 December 2023


14 members signed on for the now traditional Friday night 4 hour match. The recent fishing has been well below par for this time of year but the weather was decent and 50 fish were caught for 87lb 4oz consisting of 1 rockling, 1bass, 2 congers, 20 pout and 26 LSD.

1st Steve Hobson     28lb 101/2oz (2 congers, 1 LSD)    £150

2nd Gareth Williams  10lb 71/2oz (7 LSD, 2 pout )          £100

3rd Miles Downer        9lb 3oz (1 bass 2 pout)                 £75 voucher

4th Steve Barnaby       7lb 141/2oz ( 2LSD 8 pout)          £50 voucher

5th Nick Cassford        5lb 121/2oz ( 2 LSD 4 pout)         £50 voucher

6th Lee Wyatt               4lb 141/2oz (3 LSD)                     £50 voucher

The remaining members had the choice of festive prizes.

the years winnings were also handed out

There were some notable fish

Steve Hobson conger 20lb 3oz

Miles Downer  bass  8lb 10oz

Steve Barnaby pout   1lb 131/2oz


Please sign on for 2024 with membership forms in the tackle shops and fixtures on this site.

tight lines and a happy Christmas and New Year


Saturday 2 December 2023

 2024 Comp Details are now up on the "Shore" page.

Please read - important changes for 2024

Monday 20 November 2023


An excellent sign on of 63 anglers meant that £945 and a £20 voucher from Ryde Bait and Tackle was up for grabs. Thanks to all the tackle shops for the sign on and support and all those who braved strong winds which restricted the areas available to fish. 16 anglers managed to find fish mainly doggies, with a few late wrasse, flounders pout a bass and a conger.


Heaviest Fish Chris Griffiths Conger 5lb 8oz £150

Heaviest Flatfish Bill Barnaby Flounder 2lb 1oz £150

Heaviest Bass Miles Downer 2lb 6oz £75

Heaviest Bag By Senior Kev Sampson 3lb 51/2oz £50

Heaviest Bag WWAC Member Steve Hobson 3lb 13oz £75

Heaviest Bag Chris Griffiths 7-2  £100

   2nd Paul Denness  4- 0  £85

   3rd  Steve Hobson  3-13  £65

   4th   Kev Sampson  3-51/2 £45

   5th  Mark Gilbert      3-41/2 £40

   6th  Pat Newnham    3-4     £35

   7th  Miles Downer     2-6     £30

   8th  Dave Hallet        2-11/2 £25

   9th  Bill Barnaby        2-1    £20

   10th Alan Jones        1-11 V £20

Tight Lines