Monday, 23 December 2019



Wednesday, 11 December 2019


All 20 eligible members signed on, eleven weighed in 68lb 12.5oz made up of 1 undulate ray, 36 lesser spotted dogfish, 4 whiting and 9 pouting.
Best specimen and heaviest fish was an undulate ray of 14lb 9oz caught by Dean Walls.
1.   Dean Walls   26lb 15.5oz.
2.   Steve Probert   7lb 2.5oz.
3.   Mike Bennett   7lb 0.5oz.
4.   Simon Deacon   6lb 13.5oz.
5.   Richard Green   4lb 3oz


Forty four signed on, including 3 juniors.
17 weighed in a total of 79lb 10.75 oz, made up of 3 undulate rays, 2 small eyed rays, 7 lesser spotted dogfish, 2 pollack, 11 flounders and 6 pouting.

1st overall was Adrian Lock with a weight of 25lb 15.5oz.
Best specimen brought to the scales was a lesser spotted dogfish of 1lb 10oz caught by Paul Brayford.
Heaviest fish was an undulate ray of 12lb 12.5oz caught by Liam Smith.
Top Western Wight member was Simon Deacon - 5lb 5oz.
Top junior  - Callum Smith - 1lb 1oz.
The veterans walking stick was won by Shaun Graham - 10lb 11.25oz.
The drawn pairs was won by Adrian Lock and an unidentified angler who we are in the process of tracking down. If is you please phone Andy Cassell on 527945  
(evenings ). We know where you signed on.
Everyone that weighed in won a prize.

2nd   L.Smith   15lb 12.5oz.
3rd   S.Graham   10lb 11.25oz.
4th   A.Payn   6lb.
5th   S. Deacon   5lb 5oz.
6th   T.Wharton   2lb 2.5oz.
7th   D.English   1lb 11.5oz.
8th   L.Wyatt   1lb 11oz.
9th   P.Brayford   1lb 10oz.
10th   S.Probert   1lb 8.5oz.
11th   M.Coburn   1lb 6.5oz.
=12th   M.Bennett   1lb 6oz.
=12th   M.Gilbert   1lb 6oz.
14th   C.Smith   1lb 1oz.
15th   D.Walls   12oz.
16th   G Pressey   11oz.
17th   D.Stephenson   8.5oz.

Congratulations to Adrian Lock.
Thanks to all competitors and helpers at the weigh in.
And a big thank you to Mick at Odessa,, Drew at Ryde tackle,  Shaun at Wight Angling and everyone that donated a raffle prize.