Comp. Rules

1 Competitors shall not begin to fish a competition before the stated time and rods must be taken in by the time laid down for the finish. Fishing shall not take place within half an hour of the commencement of the competition, and any fish taken previously must be declared to the steward. If no official steward is present, competitors should appoint their own steward.

2 All fish shall be weighed by the official appointed for the purpose and must be submitted within the prescribed time after the competition ends.

3 All sizeable fish caught during club competitions shall be eligible for the club’s points system, with the exception of mackerel, scad mackerel, silver eels, monkfish, shad  and shark

4 Competitors may use only one rod and line, unless a specified competition allows more, with no more than three hooks attached. A reserve rod is allowed providing no terminal tackle is attached. Competitors rods must not be handled by anyone but themselves unless in danger.

5 In case of a competitor with a disability, prior permission may be granted by the Competition Secretary for casting to be carried out on their behalf.

6. No handline shall be used, or rod where the last ring is not at least three foot from the reel.

7. Competitors will take up their own positions on piers and beaches unless contrary instructions be given.

8 The Committee shall have the power to impose regulations as to the distance between competitors in any competition, such distance to be at the discretion of the Committee.

9 No assistance in landing a fish may be given by any boatman, attendant or bystander except in the actual lifting of the fish from the water with a gaff, net or hand.

10 For Club awards and records, a fish must be caught from any Isle of Wight shore, pier or estuary, and from boats within a twelve mile limit of the Isle of Wight coastline.

11 Specimen fish submitted for awards must be declared on the appropriate certificate, (obtainable from weigh in points) which must be completed and submitted by the club member to the Records Officer within fourteen days of the capture of the fish. (Postmark on the envelope to be evidence of the date). Note: All species of sea fish are admissible.

12 Club Points System
Shore comps. Overall : 20 points for 1st place, reducing to one point for 20th place.
Ladies, Juniors and teams : 5 points for 1st place, reducing to 1 point for 5th.
Winter League :
In each zone, 30 points for 1st place reducing to 5 points for a blank. A separate rules format apply. Competitors will receive a copy on League entry.

13 AT, Southern IFCA or WWAC size limit to apply, whichever is the greater.

14 In all competitions smoothound to count as one species (starry) with a 35” size limit.

15 Competition fees may be fixed by the General Committee after the A.G.M.

16 Any departure from these rules may disqualify the competitor so offending.

17 The decision of the Competition Secretary shall be final in all matters affecting the competition. He may, if he so desires, refer such matters to the General Committee, before giving his final decision.

18 Visitors in competitions. A charge of £1 will be made per competition on top of entry fees. Visitors will become temporary members of WWAC for the duration of the competition and for a maximum of three competitions per year. This charge will be reviewed annually.

19 All WWAC shore competitions shall have their weigh in venue at either Newport or West Wight (Yarmouth or Freshwater Bay) with the exception of competitions run in conjunction with Open Competitions, or when a competition has a fixed venue.

CLARIFICATION OF COMPETITION RULE 4: In a competition where two rods are allowed;
Competitors may have a pennel rig on both rods, or a pennel rig on one rod and one or two hooks on the other. In all cases pennel rigs must be baited as a single hook, and the distance between the hook eyes must not exceed 10cm.

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