Winter League

Winter League 2017

final standings for winter league.

prize money paid to 7th place.
total prize money paid out this year £1700+
1st l smith 139pts
2nd a lock 121
3rd s barnaby 120
4th p turner 116
5th s deacon 115
6th= m bennett 114
6th= s graham 114
8th n cassford 113
9th m cassell 112
10th a dyer 106
11th= m marsh 96
11th= s carr 96
13th= r whitewood 88
13th= a aisher 88
15th d bardsdale 86
16th m hicks 81
17th= c griffiths 76
17th= j willett 76
19th= c phillips 72
19th= p holingshead 72

results from 6th comp winter league
1st a lock 9lb 8 30
2nd s deacon 6lb 29
3rd s carr 5lb 11 28
4th s graham 27
5th m cassell 26
6th a dyer 25
7th j willit 24
8th m marsh 23
9th p turner 22
10th l smith 21
11th n cassford 20
12th c phillips 19
13th m bennett 18
14th p holingshead 17
15th s barnaby 16
16th c griffiths 15
17th d bardsdale 14

winter league pot winners as follows
h/fish l smith / s barnaby ray 6lb 5 £50
best pout spencer 1lb 6 £50
b / spec s carr l s d 2lb 2 £50
best l s d m bennett 2lb 1 £50
best sole s barnaby / c griffiths 9.5oz £100 uk hooks voucher
pairs winners l smith / dan bardsdale 43lb 6.5 £50
pairs runner up p turner / n cassford 33lb 11 £22

3rd October  Brook  ht 2301 ....4.4
17th October Brighstone  ht 22.45 ....4,5
1st November  Shanklin   ht 21.24.....4,4
21st November  Norton Wall   ht 01,21 ...4.6
6th December   Cowes    ht 01.27  4.9
19th December Fort Vic    ht 00.31  ....4.6 

Same rules as normal and sign on £40 ...pots included in sign on, pairs is optional

£3 each for the pairs.  UK Hooks are putting up the usual £100 for best sole.


winter league points as follows
1st s barnaby 83
2nd n cassford 69
3rd a aisher 68
4th r whitewood 67
5th l smith 65
6th p turner 61
7th c longmore 58
8th c griffiths 56
9th a lock 54
10th s deacon 51
11th s graham 46
12th m bennett 44
12th a dyer 44
14th m hicks 43 
15th s carr 42
16th c phillips 39
16th d bardsdale 39
16th m cassell 39
19th p holingshead 35
20th d blake 32
20th spencer 32 
22nd j willitt 31
23rd m griffiths 28 

23rd m marsh 28

20 fished with 7 weighing in....
1st n cassford 6lb 9
2nd c longmmore 5lb 8
3rd p turner 1lb 6,5
4th r whitewood 1lb
5th s barnaby 9,5oz
6th c griffiths 9oz

7th a aisher 3oz

1st n cassford 57
2nd s barnaby 55
3rd a aisher 47
4th r whitewood 46
5th p turner 44 
6th c longmore 41
7th c griffiths 39
8th l smith 35
9th m bennett 33
10th a lock 31
11th p holingshead 30
12th c phillips 29
13th s carr 27
14th j willett 26
15th m cassell 25
16th m griffiths 23
17th s graham 22
18th m hicks 20
19th a dyer 18 
20th d blake 17
21st m marsh 15
22nd d bardsdale 14
23rd spencer 10

colin phillips / chris griffiths
mark marsh / arron dyer 
rodney whitewood / dave blake
dan bardsdale / liam smith
pete turner / nick cassford
morgan griffiths /paul holingshead
spencer simpson / steve barnaby
chris longmore /adrian lock 
jim willett / martin hicks
matt cassell / steve carr
aiden aisher / mike bennett
shaun graham.........

p turner / n cassford 15lb 11.5
d bardsdale / liam smith 12lb 13,5
a aisher / m bennett 12lb 5
c longmore / a lock 12lb 4,5
spencer / s barnaby 8lb 11
m griffiths / p holingshead 8lb 
c phillips / c griffiths 7lb 4
m cassell / s carr 6lb 7.5
r whitewood / d blake 4lb 9 
j willett / m hicks 4lb 9
s graham 3lb 14 
a dyer / m marsh 1lb 14


1st liam smith 12lb 5 30pts
2nd steve barnaby 8lb 1,5lb 29
3rd mike bennett 7lb 12,5lb 28
4th nick cassford 27
5th adrian lock 26
6th paul holingshead 25 
7th colin phillips 24
8th aiden aisher 23 
9th steve carr 22
10th jim willet 21
11th matt cassell 20
12th rodney whitewood 19 
13th morgan griffiths 18 
14th simon deacon 17
15th shaun graham 16
16th pete turner 15
17th martin hicks 14
18th chris griffiths 13
19th arron dyer 12
20th dave blake 11
21st chris longmore 10
22nd mark marsh 9 
23rd dan bardsdale 8
24th spencer 5
24fished weighing in 132 fish for 68lb half ounce
heaviest fish undulate + painted ray 6lb 5,5oz 
next comp 17th oct brightstone, 

still time to sign up before nextx comp if anyone still wants to fish the winter league

Sponsored by
Scotties - Ammo Baits - UK Hooks

Match Dates 2016

Match Dates 2015

Tues 8th September
2105 – 4.0
Weds 23rd September
1958 – 3.9
Tues 6th October
1927 – 3.9
Weds 14th October
Norton Wall
0109 – 4.6
Tues 10th November
2239 – 4.5
Weds 24th November
St Helens
2200 – 4.8
Tues 15th December
Fort Victoria
0209 – 4.6


Best Specimen £50 voucher sponsored by Ammo Baits
  • Best dogfish £50 voucher sponsored by Scotties
  • Best pout £50 voucher sponsored by Ammo Baits
  • Heaviest fish £50 voucher sponsored by Scotties
  • Best sole £100 voucher sponsored by UK Hooks
  • There will be an optional pool held on the night of each comp.
  • Pairs will be drawn after the second comp.

League format
1 All competitions will be pegged.

2 Best 6 results to count for final league table. In the event of anglers being tied the 7th
           result will come into play.
3a       If, by the commencement of the first match,  fewer than 30 anglers have entered the league, then the   whole of the league will be fished to one zone.

3b  If by the commencement of the first match 30 or more anglers have entered the league, then two zones   will be pegged and two zones will pay out for 1st 2nd and 3rd. If fewer than 25 sign on for any one   competition, (irrespective of the league entry), then that competition will be fished to two zones for   points, but payout as per “Financial Running” Rule 4.

4 Points will be awarded 30 for 1st down to 5 for a blank or lowest weight per zone. Equal weights will be decided by number of fish, if still tied, each angler receives the same number of points.
  Points will be awarded for either one or two zones, see 3a and 3b above.

5 WWAC have the right to refuse entry.

6 League entry is defined by the entry form.

7 In the event that the match venue is considered to be unfishable or unsafe, the reserve venue or alternative venue will be fished. The League Secretary’s decision is final.

8 The sign on time will be extended by 15 minutes if a reserve venue is fished.

9  The Match Secretary has the power to amend the start, finish time or the venue.

10 Pegging will be evenly, where possible, with adequate space between pegs to allow safe, unhindered fishing. 

11  Weigh ins will, wherever possible, be carried out on or near the beach, to assist with a   quick result   and to allow fish to be returned. The exact weigh in location will be notified at the draw.

12 A pairs comp. Will be run. This will be over all seven matches and will be drawn after the second match.
13  Any protests or complaints must be made before the end of the weigh in.

Match Rules
AT & WWAC rules and size limits apply,
         rockling 8”, whiting 11”, sole 10”,      pollack 12”, flounder 11”, bass 16”, cod 14”, lsd 15”,   bull huss 23”, conger 36”, dab 8” red mullet 8” , black bream 9½”, pout 8”
         Smoothound 35” Silver eels will count as 8oz each, but must be returned  alive as soon   as possible.

2. Anglers draw their peg which determines their fishing position for the match. In the event of circumstances forcing the angler off his peg then the angler should fish the nearest vacant peg within the same zone, after confirming this with adjacent anglers.
2a.  Double pegs:  a limited number of double pegs will be available at each match on a pre-  notified, first come basis.

3. Anglers may draw for a friend but must pay and name the angler before drawing. It is then the angler’s responsibility to ensure that the other angler has the relevant form and knows their peg number.

4.  All anglers who catch must weigh in, either personally or ensure that another angler   weighs in for them.
5.  It is each angler’s responsibility to return their peg to the weigh in.

6.  Anglers must cast from, or in front of their peg. (see rule 2).

7.  All fish must be recorded and signed for by another competing angler on the weight card   as soon as possible after capture.

8.  Foul hooked fish will count if hooked forward of the gill plate.

9. Fish will be measured in a straight line nose to tail, fish must touch the line (please
  purchase an imperial match rule).
10.  A spare rod and reel may be assembled with a link attached, but no weight, trace etc.

11.  Wading is permitted, please give consideration to other anglers.

12.  The Match Secretary’s decision is final. All protests must be lodged in writing before the   results are announced.


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